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Asset & Property Division

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The division of marital assets and liabilities is a critically important part of the divorce process. It is natural to be concerned about receiving a fair resolution of your property rights. It is natural to be concerned that you either receive your fair share of alimony and child support or that you are not required to pay unreasonably high amounts.

Additionally, divorce mediation builds on the premise that divorce is not just a legal event, but also an emotional one. It provides a safe context for constructive problem-solving by the divorcing parties and is designed to help develop positive post-divorce family relationships. Research shows that the satisfaction rate for mediated divorce agreements is much higher than for agreements imposed by a court.

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Florida Asset Division

Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital assets in a Florida divorce are divided on an equitable basis, generally, but not always, 50/50. According to Florida Statutes, the court begins with the assumption that the distribution should be equal unless particular factors justify an unequal distribution. These factors include:

  • Contributions to the care and education of children, and services as a homemaker
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The interruption of career or educational opportunities of a spouse
  • The contribution of one spouse to the career or educational opportunities of the other spouse
  • The desirability of one spouse retaining an asset free from any claim by the other party
  • The contribution of each spouse to the increase in the value of marital assets or to liabilities incurred
  • The desirability of retaining the marital home for a dependent child
  • The intentional waste or destruction of marital assets or the intentional creation of debts that were not for the benefit of the family.

We carefully investigate all such factors and use our best efforts to seek more than 50/50 distribution, if you have a legitimate claim that assets should not be divided equally. Our goal is to ensure you receive everything you rightfully deserve.

Informing Our Clients

We want you to be informed about the laws regarding marital property in Florida so that you can make the best possible long-range decisions.

The division of marital assets and liabilities is a critically important part of the divorce process. It is natural to be concerned about receiving a fair resolution of your property rights. At Feldman & Schneiderman, we have over 65 combined years of experience obtaining fair distribution of marital property for our clients. We are also skilled in estate planning and the handling of retirement accounts. You can rest assured that we will help you make the right decisions.

We also assist our clients in allocating assets. For example, real estate worth $200,000 may not be the same in value as a savings account of $200,000. One is liquid; one is not. One may be subject to capital gains or losses; the other is not. The same is also true concerning the values of 401(k) plans, pension plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). We work with our client and, when necessary, tax advisors and accountants, to be sure all tax consequences are considered in the allocation of assets.

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